unisa re admission 2024-2025

By | August 1, 2022

unisa re admission 2024-2025

unisa re admission 2024-2025

unisa re admission 2024-2025

Start unisa re admission 2024-2025 now.

No matter when you started your undergraduate studies at Unisa, all undergraduate students are subject to certain academic advancement regulations.
Students must adhere to a set of basic requirements set forth by Unisa in order to maintain their registration with the university.
The Admission Policy outlines these.
Because of their subpar academic standing, the Senate could elect to reject pupils.
Students who are academically barred may appeal to the executive dean of the appropriate college.
The following are the maximum time frames (including deferment) in which a qualification must be completed.
    • 120 credits: 3 years
    • 240 credits: 6 years
    • 360 credits: 8 years
    • 480 credits: 10 years

Students who don’t finish a qualification within the allotted maximum time will not be allowed to register again.
Admission will not be given a chance to students who are currently being rejected or suspended for misconduct from another university.
Upon request from a college, the Senate may modify the maximum time frame in which a qualification must be achieved (as stated above).

NDP registrations and the outcomes of all aegrotat and supplemental exams will be considered in determining conformity with this rule.

  • The calculation of the duration of registration takes into account all of the student’s years of enrollment at Unisa, not simply the years during which they were registered for a specific qualification.
  • Only the years of registration following the completion of the degree or diploma will be considered for determining the study duration for the second or further qualification in the event of a student who has earned a formal degree or diploma and is enrolled for a second or further qualification.
    When deciding whether to re-admit a student to the university, the modules from which they have been exempted will not be taken into account. In a similar vein, a student’s prior academic standing at another university won’t be taken into account.

Readmission was denied

  • You won’t be able to continue your undergraduate studies if you don’t pass the necessary amount of modules. After being expelled from Unisa due to subpar performance in qualifications, a student who wishes to be readmitted must first show proof that they have successfully completed a one-year certificate program at NQF level 4, 5, or higher (with 48 credits) at another accredited institution or a Unisa short learning program. Before a request for re-admission will be taken into consideration, the student must have fulfilled the requirements of this rule by earning at least 48 credits.

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