unisa online application opening 2024-2025

By | August 2, 2022

unisa online application opening 2024-2025

unisa online application opening 2024-2025

unisa online application opening 2024-2025

When will Unisa accept applications for the 2024 academic year? That is something you may be interested in knowing. Find out by reading on.

  • The University of South Africa (Unisa) is an open-distance e-learning institution that enables learners to continue their education by utilizing online tools and course materials made available directly by Unisa.
  • Unisa provides a mix of general formative academic programs normally related to a traditional university and career-oriented courses often offered by universities of technology.
  • At the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, this university offers a wide variety of certificates, degrees, and diplomas.

So when will they start accepting applications for 2024?

  • The annual application period for study at Unisa normally begins in August or September, with closing dates ranging from October to December depending on the qualification.
  • Students are recommended to apply as soon as applications are open because spots fill up quickly. They should be informed that applications must be submitted online.
  • With open distance e-learning, instruction will take place even while the student and the university are geographically apart. Instead, the student will connect to the university primarily online via a laptop, tablet, or another internet-connected device.
  • The student will receive study materials from Unisa that are written content found in textbooks or online through myUnisa. Although some of Unisa’s facilities offer access to computers and the internet, students should have their own computer and internet connectivity.
  • Even if the students are far away, the university nevertheless offers a variety of support services including libraries, tutoring assistance, counseling, and other online resources.
  • Students have the option of studying full- or part-time, allowing them to work and complete all of their enrolled courses while also having the freedom to plan their own schedules.

If they match the requirements, Unisa students may also be eligible for financial aid through a bursary from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Following are the requirements for NSFAS funding:

  • must be a citizen of South Africa
  • Applicants must be admitted or be in the process of applying to a public university in South Africa.
  • A minimum annual household income of R350 000 is required.
  • People with disabilities must have an annual household income of less than R600,000.

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