unisa age exemption application 2024-2025

By | August 2, 2022

unisa age exemption application 2024-2025

unisa age exemption application 2024-2025

unisa age exemption application 2024-2025

How can I apply for a Unisa age exemption?

  • Follow these simple procedures to apply for a study unit exemption for undergraduate qualifications:
  • Online registration for the new qualification for the 2021 academic year is available at www.unisa.ac.za/register.
  • Log in to myUnisa and select “myAdmin,” “Student Admin,” and “Apply for Exemption.”

How do I request a mature age exemption?

  • In the event of “mature age” and “foreign” conditional exemption certificates, applicants can apply either through the university or directly to the Matriculation Board if the application contains letters of registration/invitation/eligibility for registration from the institution/ies concerned.

Who is eligible for the age exemption?

  • Candidates who do not meet the Bachelors criteria but will be 23 or older in their first year of registration may be eligible if:
  • They passed two languages with the letter E. They passed the other two content subjects with the E symbol.

unisa matric exemption

Applying for a study unit exemption for undergraduate qualifications is simple if you follow these steps:
for the 2024 academic year.

  • To register for the new qualification, visit www.unisa.ac.za/register.
    Select “myAdmin,” “Student Admin,” and “Apply for Exemption” from the drop-down menus after logging into myUnisa.

matric exemption from unisa

SECTION MATRICULATION BOARD M30 (UNISA)Application for a Conditional Exemption CertificateFOR ADMISSION TO BACHELOR DEGREE STUDIES (not for BTech degree studies)


  • Original educational qualifications (high school and post-secondary qualifications) or only certified exact copies from the Registrar of a South African university or a South African Embassy, Consulate, High Commission, Trade Mission, or Public Notary in a foreign country. Documents issued in another language must be accompanied by original sworn translations in either English or Afrikaans. matric exemption from unisa

Online applications for matric exemptions; matric exemptions for unisa

  • 2. Holders of American high school diplomas must either present an official letter from the registrar of an American institution stating that they are qualified for unconditional admission to degree programs there, or they must submit their SAT scores.
  • 3. If the application is based on the basis of post-school qualifications, an original official academic record documenting the courses passed in various years, with a required minimum duration of at least three years of continuous study. (Only RSA/SADC students.) matric exemption from unisa
  • A certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or information from his or her identity document, such as the date of birth and full name.
  • In addition, a married woman must provide a certified copy of her marriage certificate or divorce judgment.
  • A Matriculation Board-mandated exemption fee will be charged.
  • Applications for matriculation endorsement exemption must be filed in conjunction with your admission to study. matric exemption from unisa

online application for matric exemption; unisa matric exemption

Click here for unisa admission policy to know more about the age policy.

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