unisa 2nd semester registration 2024-2025

By | August 1, 2022

unisa 2nd semester registration 2024-2025

unisa 2nd semester registration 2024-2025

unisa 2nd semester registration 2024-2025

Make sure you read our blog for the most recent information and advice on the application process if you plan to apply for unisa in the forthcoming semester. Along with answering some of the more frequent queries that students ask, we’ll offer advice on how to make the most of your application. Additionally, we’ll keep you informed of all the news and events at unisa, so be sure to bookmark this website and return often!

Applications for the subsequent semester will be accepted in June 2024. The minimal points score, the number of openings for the applied qualification, and whether you match the academic admission standards for your desired qualification will all be taken into account when making offers.

  • Higher certifications, advanced certificates, degrees, advanced degrees, applications for PGCE, BTech degrees, and other chosen undergraduate qualifications): April 2024: a few honors degrees and postgraduate certificates
    Master’s and doctoral degrees: (some exceptions apply)

How to Apply for Admission to Unisa in 2024–2025

  • To apply for admission to the 2024–2025 academic year straight online or to get the 2024 application form in PDF format, go to the Unisa website at www.unisa.ac.za.

Further Documents

  • If they want to be taken into consideration for admission to Unisa 2024 for a new qualification, first-time applicants and current Unisa students who are commencing a new qualification should supply the necessary documentation. You must upload the necessary files by the deadline for your applications as well. Please be aware that Unisa will not accept any materials sent after the 2024–2025 application deadline.

The following files are required as part of the application process:

  • an official copy of your academic record (Senior Certificate, National Senior Certificate)
    a copy of your certified transcripts from tertiary education, if any. There won’t be any online copies, so kindly take note.
    copy of your passport or RSA student ID, or other identification documents (international students)
    a duplicate of your marriage certificate or divorce decree, if appropriate.
    A sworn translation must be provided if the documents are not in Afrikaans or English.
    Make sure all of your paperwork is scanned and uploaded to a digital device before you start the application process.

Complete the application.

  • You are in charge of making sure your application is finished. If your application for admission to Unisa 2024-2025 is not complete, you must submit another application during the subsequent application period.

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