my unisa login portal 2024-2025

By | August 8, 2022

my unisa login portal 2024-2025

my unisa login portal 2024-2025

my unisa login portal 2024-2025

For additional information, candidates should visit the official website. An online application for the academic year 2024–2025 is currently accessible on the Unisa student website. Any applicants must send the institution their completed applications and all necessary paperwork.

Log up to the student portal (myUniSA)

You can complete the following tasks when you visit the student site:

  • View your academic transcript, adjust your enrollment, and access your email.
  • Check out student announcements and update your personal information.

Student Portal Myunisa

  • By logging onto the MyUNISA Student Portal with their user name and password, students can access MyUNISA programs and other educational materials.
  • Through the student portal, students can access online course materials kept on the institution’s servers. All special events, classes, calendars, academic resources, and contact details are published on the MyUNISA portals.


  • On the myUnisa website, verify the veracity and timeliness of the information connected to your application.
  • Your contact information may have been misplaced if Unisa hasn’t contacted you about your admission application yet.
  • Visit this page, please: Review and/or update your contact information with the Unisa Admin, please.
  • You can continue with your application right here if you are certain that your information is accurate. For Me, Application Tracking

From UNISA, greetings. You need to log in.

You must complete the following form in order to request your initial UNISA login credentials.
You will have access to three systems with your initial login information:

  • the Unisa Library and the MyUnisa educational platform
  • Students at UNISA have access to the web-based email service MyLife.

register with mylife

In the first of four steps, kindly submit your student ID.

Required items marked with *
Student number *

To access the student portal, click here.

access mylife

the best method for logging into my Unisa student portal;

  • Visit the myUnisa website by putting into your browser to get started.
  • Acquiring your Unisa login and password is the next step.
  • Visit the “Claim Unisa Login” page to reclaim your Unisa login. Confirmation of Unisa login
  • You must enter your student ID in Step 3.
  • Enter the final four digits of your student ID.
  • Provide your contact information in step four.
  • Please let us know how to reach you.
  • Reviewing the rules once more is step five.

Go to the Myunisa Student Portal by clicking it.

How can I log into myUnisa admin?

  • Visit for further details.
    Enter your full e-mail address (for example, and your myLife e-mail password.
    Select “Sign in” from the drop-down menu…
    … get your UniSA login

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