google my unisa 2024-2025

By | August 10, 2022

google my unisa 2024-2025

google my unisa 2024-2025

google my unisa 2024-2025

Before visiting any Unisa office, all students must reserve a seat on the Booking App and complete the Health Check App.

Visits to Unisa offices must be scheduled in advance. A student must schedule a spot or complete the Health Check App before entering any school.

Students must wear masks at all times while on Unisa grounds and complete the health check application at before accessing the school.

Download modules app

Is there a Unisa app?

  • Student participants Before visiting one of the university’s campuses or centers, register via the Unisa booking app to reserve a space.

Take a look at the Unisa Mobile App.

How to submit your multiple-choice assignment answers using the Unisa mobile app

  • Open access and mobility served as inspirations for the Unisa Mobile service’s design.
  • Multiple-choice assignments can now be submitted by students using their smartphones!


  • a smartphone that is Java MIDP 2.0 compatible. Simply download the app and give it a try if you’re unsure about your device’s capabilities!
  • Data Services and Credit/Airtime from your provider
  • * a myUnisa account (to create one, go to and follow the instructions).

What to do next:

  • At the bottom of the page is a link to the Unisa Mobile application. Download it here, then install it.
    Install the app on your phone, then run it.
    “MCQ Assignment” can be selected from the menu.
    Log in with your myUnisa* credentials.
    Select a module.
    It is advisable to select a suitably unique assignment number.
    Pick the best answers to the questions in the assignment.
    Send in your comments
    Quickly confirm using the screen.
    You may read the full details of the assignment at
    using an HTML web browser and any internet-capable device


  • Unisa disclaims all responsibility if an assignment submission occurs as a result of someone accessing their password without permission.
    Any form of abusive use of this service will not be accepted by Unisa.
    Unisa has the right to modify or end this service at any moment.
    Unisa cannot guarantee that this application will work with your particular phone model. However, Unisa will make every effort to accommodate as many as feasible.


  • making use of data (rates as per mobile service provider)


  • Submit MCQ
  • View Memorandum
  • View Submissions
  • Contact Info

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