forensic science unisa 2024-2025

By | July 22, 2022

forensic science unisa 2024-2025

forensic science unisa 2024-2025

forensic science unisa 2024-2025

Forensic science is an important and growing field that plays an important role in both the judicial and law enforcement communities. In this article, we will take a look at the upcoming forensic science program at Unisa, and some of the unique opportunities that this program offers students. We will also discuss some of the skills that students will be learning during this program, and what future career options are available to them after completing it. So whether you’re considering a career in forensic science or just want to learn more about it, read on for all the details!

Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Science and Technology

Qualification code: 90002
NQF level: 7
Total credits: 360
SAQA ID: 91932
APS/AS: 20


  • Students should be aware that they will need access to a computer, printer, and the internet during their studies. From level one to level three, the same stream must be followed by the students.

Purpose statement:

  • The qualification’s primary goal is to improve investigators’ investigative knowledge and abilities. This certification is intended for students working in the field of the forensic investigation who want to be recognized for the fundamental knowledge, abilities, and moral principles required up to the middle management level. This certification is also intended for students who want to work as middle management-level forensic investigators. Additionally, the development of this qualification aims to advance effectiveness in the following areas: – Forensic techniques and methods. – An investigation into a few specific offenses. – Interviewing, statement-taking, and litigation processes. – The incident’s scene. – Gathering of data. – Tools for conducting research. – Intelligence on forensic crimes. This degree lays the groundwork for forensic investigation career advancement and further education.

Online and distance learning delivery methods will both be used to deliver this qualification.

Who can register?

  • Only after receiving notification from Unisa that their admissions application has been accepted may applicants register. If it is discovered that you were improperly admitted to a qualification, Unisa reserves the right to refuse to process and/or cancel your registration. Admission is not a given to the alternative qualification. Whether you meet the requirements for admission and whether there is room for you will depend on these factors.
    Once the registration period begins, re-registered students can sign up for the 2024 academic year.
  • Please take note: If you want to start a new qualification, you must submit an online application for the substitute qualification within the designated application window.

choosing your modules

Each Unisa qualification is designed so that in order to graduate, you must pass a specific number of NQF level credits within a specific amount of time.

  • Co-requirement: Module A is necessary before Module B. Even though you haven’t yet passed Module A, you want to sign up for Module B. Then, you must simultaneously register for Modules A and B. Registration for Module A cannot be canceled unless Module B is also canceled.
  • Prerequisite: You must pass Module A before signing up for Module B if it is a prerequisite for Module B.

More than the maximum number of credits or modules per academic year and/or semester—60 credits per semester or 120 credits per academic year—may not be registered for.

Exams taken in a previous semester’s aegrotat or supplementary sections do not count toward the maximum number of credits. The maximum number of credits permitted also includes modules taken for non-degree or non-diploma purposes.

When selecting your modules, you must keep in mind your available time because it will have an effect on how well you perform academically. You require roughly

  • In the case of semester modules, 6–8 hours per week.
    For year modules, 4–6 hours a week.

For more details on how to manage your studies, click here.

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