create my unisa 2024-2025

By | August 9, 2022

create my unisa 2024-2025

create my unisa 2024-2025

create my unisa 2024-2025

If you wish to attend one of the greatest institutions in the world, you should apply to Unisa 2024-2025. Unisa is a well-known institution with some of the top teachers in the world. Furthermore, Unisa offers campuses all around South Africa, allowing you a variety of study places. If you’re looking for a fantastic university with a diverse range of programs and prospects, apply to Unisa 2024-2025 as soon as feasible.

Create a Myunisa account.

Fill out the form below to get your first UNISA login information.

You will have access to three systems with your initial login information:

  • the Unisa Library and the educational platform myUnisa
  • MyLife, a web-based email service, is available to students.

Claim Login Now

How can I set up a MyLife UNISA account?

How exactly do I register with myLife? You must have access to your myUNISA Student portal in order to create a my life UNISA account. Here is a simple and comprehensive account setup guide.

  • Visit the student website myUNISA as a starting point.
  • In step two, click “Claim UNISA Login.”
  • Your student ID number must be entered before clicking “Continue” in step three.
  • Step 4: Fill out the application form, including your full name, birthdate, South African ID number, passport number, or foreign ID number, as well as any other necessary personal data. After inputting one of the ID or passport numbers, click “Continue” (but not both).
  • Step 5: After reading the terms and checking the appropriate boxes, click “Acknowledge.”
  • Step 6: You will see a screen with information about your account, including your phone number and email address (mylife). Both the myUnisa and myLife email accounts will require the same password.

Each student’s UNISA email address will be unique and will look something like

creating an account with myUnisa my life

  • Visit the My UNISA website, and then use your student number and the temporary password you received in step 6 to log into myUnisa. To sign in, click. After obtaining your Unisa login, be advised that setting up your MyLife email account may take a full day (24 hours).

How can I log in to myLife Unisa?
The actions listed below must be done in order to access your myLife email account:

  • Visit the login page at or click the myLife email link there. You will be directed to Microsoft Outlook from this page.
    Step 6: Enter your UNISA mylife password and UNISA email address.
    Sign in by clicking here. Simple!
    You can also access MyLife UNISA by logging in to your student portal and selecting the myLife Email Access option.
    NOTE: If you’re using a shared computer or device, remember to log out of your myUnisa email account when you’re finished.

putting up the myunisa password

  • Where can I find my Unisa password? The time it takes to acquire your password can range from 12 to 24 hours, and even then it might not function. How do you come across? To change your password on myUnisa, you must log in as my admin.

The required actions are listed below:

  • Start by logging into myUnisa. Click Login after providing your User name and Password.
    In step 2, click “My Admin.”
    On the third step, choose “Change Password.”
    Step 4: Review your password by filling out the form given. Both myUnisa and myLife accounts require the same password to be entered.

During peak times, it could take up to 30 minutes for your new MyUnisa password to take effect on your MyLife services. But if you are still unable to access your account, kindly contact for assistance.

Keep the login information for your myLife UNISA account secure. As soon as possible, a myLife account must be created because it is essential to UNISA’s educational procedure. By logging into your myLife email account, you may see if there are any new emails.

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