apply for higher certificate in education at unisa 2024-2025

By | August 2, 2022

apply for higher certificate in education at unisa 2024-2025

apply for higher certificate in education at unisa 2024-2025

apply for higher certificate in education at unisa 2024-2025

Hello and welcome to the website for the UNISA Higher Certificate in Education 2024–2025 application. You may find all the information you need to apply for the higher certificate in education 2024–2025 on this website. When you enroll, you can learn more about the course, how to apply, and what to expect.

  • The Unisa Higher Certificate in Education is designed to provide applicants with potential who would not otherwise achieve the new minimum entry standards with a realistic chance of success. The curriculum’s goals are to provide these students with the foundational skills they need to flourish in an Open Distance Learning (ODeL) environment, as well as to clarify some of the qualifications offered in a first-year undergraduate degree or certificate qualifications.
  • The goal of learning would be to develop general ODeL competencies such as fundamental language and learning skills, information management skills, teaching skills, and some knowledge of elective courses. This qualification will be delivered via both online and remote learning modalities.

When Do You Apply for Admission to a Higher Certificate?

  • September through November 2024 will be the application period for Higher Certificate qualifications for the 2024 academic year.

Who may apply?

  • Admissions applications are required from anyone wishing to begin a new Higher Certificate in Education at Unisa.

What must I do to apply?

In addition to the R115 application cost, the following supporting documents must be ready for submission throughout the application process:

  • a copy of your academic transcript
  • an official transcript of your tertiary degree (if applicable)
  • A certified copy of their ID or passport is required for RSA students (international students)
  • If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree or marriage certificate (applicable)
  • Sworn translations of papers in languages other than English or Afrikaans are required.

Who May Register?

  • Applicants may only enroll after getting word from Unisa that their application for admission has been accepted. Unisa retains the right to refuse to process and/or terminate your registration if it is discovered that you were inadvertently admitted to a qualification. Admission to the alternative qualification is not guaranteed. These two things will determine whether you meet the requirements for admission and whether there is room for you. Returning students may register once the registration period for the academic year 2024 begins.

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